• Outsource the printing and mailing of your customer documents
  • Refresh your statement design for maximum effectiveness
  • Reduce postage costs by optimizing processes
  • Increase cash flow with view-and-pay e-Statements

Custom Statement Redesign

Transform your outdated documents into powerful sales tools with our graphic design services. We can add color, images, logos and personalized messages to create professional looking statements that elevate your brand.

Postal Services

Reduce your postage costs while increasing delivery accuracy and efficiency. We offer Electronic Address Correction, Electronic Presorting, Change of Address updates, mail handling and delivery service to mailing facilities.

eStatement Services

Drastically reduce printing and postage costs by offering customers the choice of receiving secure electronic statements rather than physical statements. Customers can even view-and-pay, accelerating collection times and improving business cash flow.

Digital Document Archiving

Free up your primary data storage space by having us archive your documents in the cloud. Track, manage and easily find specific documents anytime, from any place, via a web-based browser.

Secure and Confidential

As the leader in statement processing for Hawaii’s top financial institutions, hospitals and insurers, we follow strict protocols to ensure that our facility is secure, our employees are vetted, and the data you provide is protected.

Outsourced Printing

Put an end to the high costs of leasing printing equipment, purchasing paper and inventorying supplies. As Hawaii’s statement printing experts, we add automation, speed and accuracy to every print run, using high-volume laser imaging to deliver customized, cost-effective print solutions.

Mailing Fulfillment

Relieve your staff from the tedious work of stuffing and mailing statements. Our high-speed automated inserters can fold and insert multiple pieces into a single envelope with 100% accuracy, increasing speed, reducing costs and eliminating human error.